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Kukobu Quest Characters


Kukobu is the main character of Kukobu Quest (like you needed me to tell you that. :P) He goes on a quest to find the legendary sword with which to save his father and restore peace to the Dream Islands. But it’s stolen, and the quest turns into a search for the thief. But enough about his quest. ^_^

Seashell is a young magic student from Upper Bubble Island. She spends most of her time reading books about the legendary sword, but has never really considered that it actually exists. Once she learns from Kukobu that it does, there’s nothing that she’d like more than to see it for herself! She decides to join Kukobu.


Sir Carrot is eccentric. Really. He was originally one of the guards at Sugatown Castle, but once it was taken over by Cordelia, he was kicked out of his home. He met Cookie and Vanilla on one of their Apple Forest sugar expeditions, and runs into Kukobu in the city. Because he seems so urgent to save Doughnut Land and his father, Sir decides to help Kuko on his quest. Don’t ask about his tragic past!


Saturday is more of a nuisance than a threat. She steals the legendary sword from Kukobu and leads him and his company on a wild goose chase to get it back. She someday plans to sell it and make quite the fortune from doing so. Saturday is from Posy Island, but absolutely abhors the place, and has ever since she first left as a child.

More later, if I feel like it… >_>;;;