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About “Kukobu Quest”

About “Kukobu Quest” published on


Happy April Fool’s Day!

With the nature of this year’s gag, it’s easy to walk away with the impression that I’m making a mockery of kids who are just learning how to draw–many of whom might be fans of this comic! For those of you struggling with insecurity about your art, I have a secret: all of the “Kukobu Quest” artwork you see is 100% genuine stuff I drew about ten years ago. Even most of the writing was copied straight from my 2004 Livejournal entries.

If anything, I hope that “Kukobu Quest” will encourage artists who fear that they may never become “good enough” to bring their dreams to life. Regardless of your skill level, you will get better as long as you work hard and keep an open mind. The road to improvement never ends, and that can be scary, but if you find yourself worrying that your artistic pursuits are a waste of time, I hope you’ll think of Kukobu. He’s cheering for you in his own, weird way.